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Graduate Office

International University of Sarajevo
Graduate Office

Master Studies

IUS offers 1-year, 60-credit master programs, taught in English. All applications are online. You can choose between the Professional (non-thesis) and Academic (thesis) options. 

PHD Studies

IUS offers 3-year, 180-credit PhD programs, taught in English. All applications are online. 



Free Mover

Individual Exchange or Free Mover students are visiting students making their own arrangements and payment to study at International University of Sarajevo.

International University of Sarajevo

Call for Applications

Graduate Office

Dear students,

It is my honor to welcome you to the Graduate Office at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), also well known as GO where we will happily guide you through your postgraduate and doctoral study period.

The international status of IUS has been proved not only with a high number of international students but with a high number of professors as well who come from around the world with rich experience and ample expertise to present bright and innovative ideas in the process of teaching and mentoring students. 

Graduate Council Director

Asst. Prof. Dr.
Ali Abd Almisreb

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